So here I am, trying to be a writer based on the advice of strippers, junkies, and one stuttering clown. I’ve thought about discounting their encouragement as they all seemed to want money from me. But the clown didn’t. He just kept pulling a string attached to his suspenders, dropping his pants and saying “hey now!”

So what will this little blog be? Observational. Sometimes funny. Sometimes touching. With any luck, often both. I hate vegetables, so there is a chance that there may be rants on lima beans and such. But I love purple, so there might be some deep introspective observations over the conflict I feel towards eggplant. You should know my sense of humor can often be dry and sarcastic. But I am also sweet and cuddly. So there’s that.

Mostly after some time away, i hope to start writing again. And I hope you read.

Published on December 1, 2010 at 1:01 AM  Leave a Comment  

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